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Jul 26, 2017

This week’s show has a lot to offer across a multitude of topics, but here are two really powerful ones to listen for: the largely untapped needs of specialized communities, and the ways that real struggle can give you perspective.


Ellen Saksen, cofounder of Go Jane Go, is our guest this week.  Her company set out to build a toolbox for rushed and lonely female business travelers.  They’ve just released Amelia, their first app, into no-cost public beta and are encouraging women to try it out.


As a bonus, be sure to check the Pitchcraft blog to see the beautiful slide deck Ellen presented to investors at a recent demo day event!

Jul 19, 2017

Connie Cavrich, Regional Philanthropy Officer for the American Red Cross, sits down in the Epicast Studios with Scot this week to talk about corporate fundraising and volunteer recruitment.  Connie works on a different kind of sales than most of us engage in, but offers useful insights about connecting with your client.


This week’s show is also valuable in that it helps to explain the mission and programs of the American Red Cross.  We are living in a time when many of our neighbors just assume that the Red Cross is government funded (it isn’t) or assume that the Red Cross is only mobilized for major events like hurricanes (they deploy literally every day).  


We hope that you’ll enjoy this week’s show and learn from Connie’s insights, but we also hope you’ll consider engaging with your local Red Cross office as well.

Jul 12, 2017

It takes a minute for people to understand exactly what Qlicket does.  They understand all of the words individually - wi-fi, survey, service recovery - but something happens when those words get strung together the way Qlicket does it.  Maybe it’s because they DO understand the individual terms, and expect the story to go a different way than it ends up.

Vivek Kumar is the CEO of Qlicket, a guest wi-fi system that asks you to rate your experience in the establishment before joining the network.  Adding this simple step to the standard process gives business owners the chance to fix things that are bugging you - before you leave unhappy.  Vivek comes into the Epicast Network studios to talk to Scot MacTaggart about the product’s success in hotels, its history, and its plans for expansion.

Jul 5, 2017

Pitchwerks host Scot MacTaggart has an emotional relationship with the English language, and this week’s guest Alan Houser comes into the Epicast Network studios to balance things out with a more analytical approach.  Alan is a technical writing consultant.  His firm, Group Wellesley, helps companies to create, edit, translate and just generally manage the very important documents that businesses depend on.  


Alan has a successful consulting practice, and is a past president of the Society for Technical Communication, and the two men spend some time discussing the sales and marketing efforts that success was built on.  


Sure, we know you’re not a technical writer, but this week’s show is about more than that.  MacTaggart and Houser discuss the very nature of business communication, and their analysis turns up interesting insights throughout the show.