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If you want to know how the best sales & marketing people think, if you're looking for another perspective on a problem, or if you're dreaming of a new career or a startup: Get on it now! Spend your time wisely - on personal & professional development. Learn everything from startup sales and initial marketing to account management and advertising. Subscribe to The Pitchwerks Podcast. Scot MacTaggart has been a sales rep, a marketer, a manager, a consultant, an executive and an advisor for over 20 years.  He created The Pitchwerks Podcast to help you to reach your business goals by learning from the experiences of others. Each week, Scot and his extensive network of contacts provide unique insights and examples that can help anyone - from the newbie to the veteran. Learn to present your ideas, explain your value and build your business.  Subscribe to The Pitchwerks Podcast!
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Nov 16, 2016

Our conversation continues with Hadley Pratt and Joel Johnson, and Lisa Davidson of The Outsourced Sales Manager.  The group explores the nature of closing and the step-by-step sales process, culture gets a long look, Hadley asks a hard question, and Scot and Lisa disagree on the answer.

Nov 9, 2016

Breaking from the show’s usual format, Hadley Pratt and Joel Johnson stop by the studio to talk about BoXZY, their breakthrough product for makers and schools.  The group talks about how a small tech company that prefers not to sell can still meet Scot’s stated goal of “getting BoXZY into every school”.  Lisa Davidson of The Outsourced Sales Manager joins as a special guest.

Nov 2, 2016

Joey Vallarian wants you to call him when your CFO gets arrested.  After weeks of guests talking about how they achieved tremendous success, Scot invites crisis PR specialist Joey Vallarian of Communication and Crisis ( on to the show to talk about the curveballs that life and luck can throw a startup or a sales team, and how to manage it when things get rocky.