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Apr 26, 2017

MIGHTY is on track to release a disruptive new product at the end of the summer, and thanks to an extensive testing campaign, CEO Jen Yosef has a great deal of confidence that the product will satisfy its intended market.  

The story of that testing - confirming that the market is there - is helping to make MIGHTY a standout startup months before the live launch.  This week, Jen and Scot talk about this market validation, about how MIGHTY is pitching to angel investors, and who the product is really aimed at.  (Hint:  It’s real estate agents.)

Apr 19, 2017

Sierra Experts is an established regional IT services firm with 10+ years of history, and a solid track record.  A couple of years ago, they came across an opportunity to disrupt media technology, and had to make a choice:  should they stick with what they knew, or take a chance on a new line of business outside their area of expertise?

They chose the second option, and Sierra Media Services was born.  Aaron Brown, the new company’s CTO, stopped in to the studio to talk about how the young subsidiary developed its product and pitch, and what other companies can learn about disruptive thinking.  

Apr 12, 2017

If you’ve been to a TechShop, you already know that they open a lot of doors for people.  The company had the same effect on Olga Pogoda as an employee.  She started out working the front desk a few years ago, and has since expanded her role into building new markets and serving as the the company’s liaison to the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy and the Department of Defense.

Olga and her daughter Poppy came into the Epicast Studios to talk a bit about what is working in TechShop’s pitch, what needs some additional refinement, and her personal experiences in the company she loves.  

Apr 5, 2017

At Robert Morris University, the Massey Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation awaits any student with a vision to build something and the drive to see it through.  The Massey Center is like a library or a tennis court - it’s offered to all students that might wish to make use of it.

Eliada Griffin-El is the Director of the RMU’s Massey Center, and she brings a nuanced understanding of international business and how entrepreneurial behaviors fit into a larger worldview - even for those that aren’t considered traditional entrepreneurs.  She and Scot MacTaggart sit down for the longest episode of The Pitchwerks Podcast to date, discussing the African continent as a market, the mission of the Massey Center, and interfacing with hesitant parents and prospective students.